Remote Recording & Sessions

Nadine is a very experienced session musician both in the studio and live. She has worked with labels such as Island Records, and a variety of artists; screen and games composers, DJs and songwriters. Nadine is able to improvise and work with the client in creating her own lines, so having notation is not necessary. Nadine’s second instrument is Classical Guitar so can also record that for your track.


High end equipment used for best results:
– BBC Coles 4038 ribbon microphone

– DPA 4099 microphone
– Audient iD14 interface

If you’re tight on a budget, Nadine is able to record remotely. She would need your reference track to record with and she’ll send you the WAV file of her recording separately.
Get in touch for a quote.

There are several ways to give her an idea of what you want her to record:

  1. Notation
    Super easy! (This is your cheapest option as it would require the least amount of time to record)
  2. Sung or played on another instrument
    No problem! Just send her a recording that goes with the track so she’ll know where you want the parts to be with the track. There might be slight tweaks to make the melodies sound better on the violin, but she would send you one purely the same as your idea and another with her version of your idea.
  3. No arrangement
    Nadine can come up with her own arrangement and send you a few versions until you’re happy. She can also improvise solos in any musical style.


Remote recording – for Kianja, an independent singer/songwriter. Here Nadine layered different parts to create a string section.

Solo Violin – George and the Dragon animation by Michael Lohr, Music by Samuel Pegg.

Remote Recording – Solo violin on DJ track, recorded and violin line composed by Nadine

Tileyard Studios, London – Improvising and layering parts

Remote Recording – Solo violin – Nadine was given sheet music for this and recorded remotely

Remote Recording – All instruments recorded and layered by Nadine at her home studio. Arrangement by Nadine

Frozen Seas, Music by Will Temlett- String trio (vln-vla-vc), clarinet & harp (instruments start after about a minute in)

SW7 Session Orchestra, Music by Pierre O’Reilly (Nadine as part of the orchestra)


Crystals, Music by Kate Simko (Nadine as part of the ensemble)

Audio & Video